Track your water!

The problem

20% to 30% of drinkable water is lost through leaks.

With ageing pipes, leaks may appear randomly, just because of corrosion. They often appear every 2 to 3 km, and they can hardly be detected from the ground: the only clue is the difference between the quantities of water produced and billed.

The Solution

LeakLynx combines a smart radar, a tricky antenna, and a AI module to detect water leaks in pipes.


Water leaks have a signature: among other characteristics, the water is under pressure in the pipe, so the leak drops the pressure, and induces some noise.
All of this is well known... and is slow to recognize. But there are other consequences, easier and faster to identify!
With an innovative radar, a well-designed antenna, and some Artificial Intelligence, LeakLynx efficiently detects and tracks the water leaks!

The team

Matthieu Coutière - CEO
Matthieu has a deep technological background and seeks applications for smart innovations
Matthieu Coutière
Ecole Polytechnique - Corps des Mines is kind of "the French MIT"
He now dedicates his efforts to fight climate issues
Claude Chekroun - CTO
Claude is a radar expert, who designed the Rafale radar, and the Rafale furtivity solution
Claude Chekroun
30 years with Thales; 105 patents filed; 7 times elected "Inventor of the year" in Thales.

Questions and Answers

The problem

Why is it so important to identify leaks?
One of the consequences of climate change is the modification of water cycle. Rain falls more densily, but less often, and it does not penetrate the soil. The water reserves are getting dry...
At the same time, the old pipes have suffered from a lack of maintenance, because water seemed to be abundant.
With water scarcity, it becomes less and less acceptable to spoil ater through the leaks.
Why is it so difficult to identify leaks?
Identifying leaks is difficult because the water is too deep under the surface to be visible. Detecting them requires to pay attention to the noise, the vibrations, and many factors.

The solution

What does LeakLynx detect?
LeakLynx detects leaks in your water pipes.
The pipe may be 1.5 m under the ground level: it's smart radar will scan through the surface and seek signs of water.
How does it work?
LeakLynx detects spurs of water leaks, and consolidates the info into a reliable decision tree.
There are many signs of leaks. The combination, detected by a radar, makes it unique!
How accurate is it?
The leak is detected within a 50 cm range.
Is the radar anyhow harmfull?
The radar is totally safe. The frequency range it uses, and the power, are totally under control.



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